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Suggestions for new MFA discourses.

Jessie Gaynor

October 13, 2021, 12:45pm

Look, we were all waiting for a new discourse to come around and knock Bad Art Friend off its surprisingly sturdy pedestal, but personally, I was hoping for something slightly more interesting than Should MFA Programs Teach You How to Actually Sell Your Book: Electric Boo(k)galoo: A New Hope for the Discourse: The Squeakquel: 2Slow2Repetitive (okay, there was a brief foray into Sally Rooney/Israel, not to be confused with Sally Rooney/bucket hat).

I get it: we’ll never stop Discoursing about MFAs. But could we at least pick a new discourse? Here, I have some suggestions:

• MFA vs. BBL

• JoHn AsHbErY?

• What shall we bring to the Wednesday potluck?


• Exercise or cigarettes?

• Ben’s visiting friend: hot or just tall?

• Is talent sexually communicable?

• Is sex writing?

• Is poem?

• Why does that one guy always wear that hat?


• Printer privilege.



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