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    Stop calling JD Vance an “author”—he’s a corporatist grifter.

    Jonny Diamond

    July 2, 2021, 11:33am

    We’re not particularly interested in covering JD Vance anymore here at Lit Hub. Granted, he did at one point write a book, but Hillbilly Elegy is looking more and more like that classic first move from the politician’s playbook, the preemptive mythmaking maneuver that gets you close enough, here in America, to the kind of money that buys power. So please (looking at you New York Times), let’s stop calling him an author—let alone a writer, lol—and refer to him in clear and accurate language, e.g., as a corporatist grifter  populist huckster  Trumpist demagogue jerkface.

    And until he cuts the ribbon on the Hardee’s Chick-fil-A Presidential Library in the Independent Republic of Pennsyltuckio in the year of our lord 2036, we’re probably going to stop writing about JD Vance. (Who’s running for senate, by the way, and can’t even manage his own podium’s infrastructure.)