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    Stephen King has some thoughts for the writers of Stranger Things.

    Jonny Diamond

    June 2, 2022, 10:57am

    One of the nice things about Twitter (I guess?) is that anyone can talk to anyone… which is what Stephen King did yesterday when he complained about the bifurcation of Stranger Things’ new season. Here’s what the greatest horror writer of all-time tweeted (NB, though: we should all stop using the word “lame”):

    Obviously, he’s a fan of the show, but insofar as Netflix taught us all how to binge, King’s frustrations are our frustrations (particularly my 11-year-old’s), as we’re going to have to wait until July 1 for the final two episodes of what has thus far been a great and binge-able season of television. But there’s a pretty reasonable explanation for the delay, according to the Stranger Things writers, who responded quickly to “Uncle Stevie’s” Tweet: