Soul Mates: A Poem by Brandon Shimoda

From His New Collection The Desert

September 4, 2018  By Brandon Shimoda

My soul mates
Have yet to be conceived

Underneath the mating
Of surrogate spirits  vacating bodies
By the minute


To live by, but I
Want to live
By the future


I want to eat it     I want to feed it


A pool-like visage

On the crumpling horizon
Synthesized from what was being
Said or done   or done or said

And what I do

Not know

I think about

The trash

That captivates
The critical essence of soul mates

Heaven for a body that never starves

Is always starving   Drain the trash?
Fated to be

Ballast for the mass


The trash must gleam
In the middle of the desert


From The DesertUsed by permission of The Song Cave. Copyright © 2018 by Brandon Shimoda.

Brandon Shimoda
Brandon Shimoda
Brandon Shimoda is a yonsei poet/writer, and the author of several books, most recently The Grave on the Wall (City Lights, 2019), which received the PEN Open Book Award. He has two books forthcoming: Hydra Medusa (Nightboat Books, 2023) and a book on the afterlife of Japanese American incarceration (City Lights, 2024), which received a Creative Nonfiction grant from the Whiting Foundation.

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