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    Someone wants to pay you $200 for every novel you read. Really!

    Emily Firetog

    May 17, 2022, 11:04am

    In good news for—likely every reader on this website, a company called WordsRated is looking for “Bibliofile-at-large” (i.e. contractors) to… read books for them. For every book you read, they’ll pay you $200.

    WordsRated is a “non-commercial research organization” whose research team “takes a data-based look at books, literature, and the publishing industry,” such as this report they published on representation in children’s literature and the decrease in Black characters in children’s bestsellers.

    Newsweek reports that the company’s current focus is “on the representation of women in modern novels,” with books pulled from 2022 New York Times bestsellers lists.

    As Bibliofile-at-large, you’ll be required to provide some details about each title, such as the “number of sentences given to male vs. female characters” as well as “what animals are appearing in the book.”

    Plus, they’ll send you the books.


    h/t Newsweek

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