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Someone stole a six-foot pencil from the Gloucester Writers’ Center, Ben Affleck options film rights, probably.

Jonny Diamond

March 6, 2020, 11:55am

Brendan and Sully and Fitz are at again! Local youth (probably) have stolen a 6-foot-pencil sculpture off the front of the Gloucester Writers Center in Gloucester, Massachusetts. As the Gloucester Times reports:

“It was quite the landmark,” Gloucester Writers Center Director Henry Ferrini said. “It is unfortunate, you know. It is just stupid.”

Writers first realized it was missing when Paul Cultrera, treasurer of the center’s Board of Directors,  arrived and exclaimed, “Where’s the pencil?”

“We went outside and it was like, oh yeah, it is gone,” Ferrini recounted.

The pencil in question is valued at $1,000 but isn’t likely to fetch much in the north shore novelty sculpture black market. A piece of the pencil was reported found in the playground of the East Gloucester Elementary School, and when news of the theft was posted to the Centers’ Facebook page, someone left the comment, “Wicked awful.”

I shit you not, everything I have written above is true.

(Via The Gloucester Times)

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