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Some bookish suggestions for what to do when you’re social distancing with your toddler.

Emily Firetog

March 16, 2020, 2:43pm

Day one of “in the house school” for my three year old began (at 7am) with him playing teacher, asking me what I had for breakfast (nothing, because somehow at eight months pregnant I’m still morning sick) and then him asking me to remind him what he had for breakfast so he could tell everyone else in circle time (meaning the dog), despite the fact that he had eaten breakfast 30 minutes ago. After playing with every toy he owns, he’s down for an “eye rest” and I can type with two hands again.

Here are some cool things we’re going to do when he wakes up:

•  Children’s book author and illustrator Mo Willems is doing a daily lunch-time doodle class everyday at 1:00 EST:

• Oliver Jeffers is reading from his beautiful children’s books live on Instagram at 2:00 EST.

• Another great resource is the SAG-AFTRA Foundations’ Storyline Online YouTube channel, where a bunch of famous people (like Oprah to Chris O’Dowd) read children’s books.

• Not books, but literally every parent has recommended Cosmic Kids Yoga and it’s adorable:

It may be screen time, but at least it’s not Paw Patrol. Good luck toddler parentals, you got this.

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