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Remembering Ian Falconer, children’s author and force at The New Yorker.

Janet Manley

March 8, 2023, 9:28am

Caldecott Honoree Ian Falconer died Tuesday aged 63, The New Yorker reported in a remembrance.

Falconer was the author of the lovable early-aughts Olivia series, starring the famous pig, having created the first story as a gift for his niece Olivia in 1996. More recently, Two Dogs was inspired by his sister’s dachshunds.

He also designed dozens of covers for The New Yorker (see a range here), and designed sets and costumes for Los Angeles Opera under David Hockney. Of his work-style, he told NPR’s Jessica Harris he needed a lot of space to cover the floor in papers, and often worked late into the night.

Screenwriter Ian Whitty told NPR that Falconer “pointed out beauty in the overlooked … He balanced bright, boyish curiosity and the wisdom of a grizzled sage.”

If you want a peek into his mind, give this 2016 interview a listen. Bless.

[via The New Yorker]


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