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    Remember: Dirty Dancing demonstrated the best response to a guy pushing Ayn Rand on you.

    Emily Temple

    October 9, 2020, 11:24am

    Dirty Dancing has given us many things. A love story. A drama about class. An argument for legalized abortion. A million classic wedding songs. “No one puts Baby in a corner.” And of course, The Lift.

    It also, as I was reminded this week, gave us something even more useful than all of these: the perfect response for when some asshole who would clearly be right at home in the 2020 Republican party (“some people count, some people don’t”) tries to lend you his copy of The Fountainhead (but only temporarily—he has notes in the margins!). It really is a movie for all seasons.

    See it for yourself (and please note the title of this clip, which is pure 2012 genius):

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