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    Quarantine Diversion #3,477: Virtually spin these historical globes from the British Library.

    Jonny Diamond

    April 13, 2020, 11:35am

    If you have a child you’ve been trying to “homeschool” first of all, much love and solidarity to you. But also, have you been letting the kid do random educational-adjacent things like “read graphic novels for two hours” and calling it SAT prep? Because I have.

    So I’m very excited to begin a new unit this week called “Spinning Virtual 3D 17th-Century Globes.” The fine and very smart people at the British Library have digitized some of their cooler globes of antiquity so you, too, can spin them in vain search of sea monsters and the Northwest Passage. I will report back with the opinion of my nine-year-old.

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