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Pizza Hut is trending … because of its book club pick?

Katie Yee

June 3, 2022, 11:30am

I love Pizza Hut with a white hot passion, and I do firmly believe that it should always be trending because of its cheesy goodness. They had stuffed crust ages before Papa John’s deigned to attempt it. (My only beef with them is that they do not deliver to my apartment… If someone at the Pizza Hut corporation is reading this, please!)

Anyway, this morning, they are trending on Twitter for a different reason. You may recall that in May, Pizza Hut announced the launch of a digital summer reading program for kids, called Camp BOOK IT! This month, one of the books on their list is Big Wig, written by Jonathan Hillman and illustrated by Levi Hastings, and recommended for children in Pre-K through the third grade. The story is about a child who puts on a wig and dresses up for a neighborhood costume competition; Big Wig celebrates the confidence and self-discovery that can come out of this experimenting. A lovely message, no?

Not according to Twitter conservatives, who are rabidly livid that Pizza Hut is celebrating Pride Month. Here’s the tweet that started it all, from this hateful person/founder of an anti-Muslim group/staunch anti-cancel-culture advocate:

I can’t believe this is where people are putting their energy, re: children’s safety, but okay.

Anyway, who wants to meet up at Pizza Hut for dinner?

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