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    An economist predicts that rather than replacing us, ChatGPT will be a “calculator for writing.”

    Jessie Gaynor

    January 19, 2023, 10:43am

    Huge if true: Stanford economics professor Erik Brynjolfsson does not think ChatGPT is coming for our extremely lucrative writing careers. Instead, he predicts that the AI technology will function as a “calculator for writing,” cutting down on the “routine, rote type of work” of writing.

    As to what writing functions are analogous to say, long division, Brynjolfsson doesn’t say. As someone with zero spacial awareness who finds it very difficult to write descriptions of rooms, I’m hopeful that I can just input some objects and retrieve a competent passage about the configuration of a house, but on the other hand… nope, this is definitely not a perfect metaphor.

    Maybe we’re just looking at the scientifically perfect number of exclamation points in a work email, in which case—I, for one, welcome our new ChatGPT overlords!

    [via Bloomberg]

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