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Oprah’s next book club pick is Elizabeth Strout’s Olive, Again.

Emily Temple

November 7, 2019, 11:30am

This morning, Oprah announced her latest book club pick: Elizabeth Strout’s Olive, Again, her recent follow-up to her Pulitzer prize-winning Olive Kitteridge. “I love [Olive] because she’s so 100% authentically herself,” Winfrey said. “She always says the things that we are always thinking, like when those grandkids came to visit, and she’s thinking these bratty kids—everybody thinks it, but you don’t say it.”

“I think people care about Olive because she is enormously complicated,” Strout said. “And frankly, most of us are. We try and keep these different aspects of ourselves damped down, but Olive is so out there—there are many pieces of her that people can relate to.”

[via CBS News]

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