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    One nice thing: four longtime friends have founded a literary journal for poetry by women over 50.


    February 26, 2021, 1:10pm

    Four friends from Delaware have founded an online poetry journal that showcases the work of women over fifty years of age. Quartet is named after the bond between the four founders—Linda Blaskey, Gail Comorat, Jane Miller, and Wendy Ingersoll Perry—and has its roots in a biyearly poetry retreat the women have taken together for years.

    “The journal feels like an organic outcome of . . . our getting together and being able to be inspired by each other over so many years,” Miller said. “Giving other women that same opportunity, not in person but online, really felt like it was a way to once again generate creativity and reflect the creativity of others.”

    The first issue, available to read online now, features work written and solicited by the four; the second issue is taking open submissions from the public, with the only requirement being that writers must be women over fifty. Why women over fifty? Well, Quartet’s mission statement reads, in part: “We believe that at this time in a woman’s life we begin to surge, to come into our own. We believe experience speaks for itself, that by fifty we’ve accumulated enough courage to revel in our talents.”

    You can submit or read Quartet here.

    [via Newark Post]

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