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    Olga Tokarczuk is publishing an illustrated, all-ages book about finding fulfillment.

    Corinne Segal

    November 18, 2020, 1:31pm

    Ah, February 2021: maybe by then, we’ll have forgotten that 2020 ever existed. An upcoming book by Olga Tokarczuk, translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Joanna Concejo, promises to help us cleanse the timeline: The Lost Soul, a story for both children and adults.

    Publisher Seven Stories Press describes The Lost Soul, which won a Bologna Ragazzi Award in 2018 and comes out in the US on Feb. 2, as a “meditation on finding fulfillment in an indifferent society.” That seems about as on point as it possibly could be, as does this blurb from Annie Proulx:

    This recipe for the quiet life of home is an anodyne for the feelings of stress, insecurity, angst and loss that today afflict most of us. Even imagining the fairy tale ‘small cottage at the edge of the city’ will soothe readers and their listeners. The tender illustrations offer fine details that sink deep into the memory.

    Deep breaths; the new year is coming, and maybe even something good along with it. For more deep breaths, check out a few preview images below.

    the lost soul

    the lost soul

    the lost soul


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