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Of course venture capitalists are super into Andy Weir.

Jonny Diamond

December 8, 2021, 2:47pm

Where do you turn when you’ve run out of ways to make money from the planet you live on? Ad astra you dipshit! C’mon, bro. So it’s no surprise that Andy Weir and his user manuals for space colonialism come highly recommended from the venture capitalists in this year-end TechCrunch survey of favorite books. According to the self-proclaimed “book nerds” at TC, Weir’s latest, Project Hail Mary is

…a science-fiction romp that includes the things that Weir became known for with his earlier projects, namely problem solving and space.

Yup. Because surely all the problems on Earth have been solved. (I should point out that one VC, Redpoint’s Emily Man, recommended N.K. Jemisin’s excellent Broken Earth Trilogy. So I hope she becomes the new Elon Musk.)

Look, I know it’s easy to dunk on venture capitalists and their warped view of the known universe as nothing more than a vast arena for potential commoditization. So let’s!


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