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    Now you can adopt Jennifer Egan.

    Katie Yee

    March 3, 2021, 1:01pm

    Have you been going back and forth on whether or not do adopt a furry best friend for the past year? Did that one very recent New Yorker story about loving difficult animals make you cry?  Do you love books? Did A Visit from the Goon Squad blow your mind? If you answered yes to all the above, perhaps you should consider adopting Jennifer Egan (the dog) from Badass Animal Rescue .

    Two and a half years ago, I adopted Oliver, the Lit Hub office dog, from the very same Brooklyn animal rescue outfit. Since the organization is turning 10 years old this year, they decided to name their newest batch of adoptable dogs after major moments in 2011.

    Hence, Jennifer Egan (JenniFUR Egan?), named after that year’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, whom I can only assume would make an excellent and very literary companion, perfect for walking along Manhattan Beach and for keeping you company as you pitch to New York Times Wag-azine. What do you say? Ready for a Visit from the Great Dane Squad?

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