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Nico Walker has seen the film adaptation of his book, and he’s not impressed.


February 24, 2021, 1:21pm

The movie adaptation of Nico Walker’s Cherry—the best-selling debut novel about an Iraq veteran turned heroin addict turned bank robber—will be released in theaters in two days, directed by the Russo Brothers (who you might know from Avengers) and starring Tom Holland (who you might know from Avengers). The auction for the film rights was hotly contested; the Russo Brothers’ production company beat out Warner Bros (with James Franco directing) and Sony. So one might expect that Walker picked the deal that most gelled with his artistic vision, right?

One would be wrong. In an interview with The Times, Walker weighed in on the film:

I’ve seen parts of the film and it is an artistic interpretation, shall we say . . .
We didn’t have any input at all, but God bless them, they bought the rights; they can do it their way.

Effortlessly cutting . . . very Zen . . . and kind of makes me want to see it? Watch the trailer below to, if nothing else, draw your own conclusions.

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