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    Melania Trump’s post-White House book might not be a memoir after all, which is fine.


    December 10, 2020, 1:18pm

    For a while, Melania Trump has teased that she might write a book after the Trump family exits the White House. I, like many, had mixed feelings. On one hand, it’d be interesting to see the Trump administration from the point of the view of the famously sullen First Lady; but on the other hand, the book would likely be an exercise in self-absolution, and do we really want another Trump affiliate to make so much money off the story of her complicity?

    Well, it turns out none of these thoughts are relevant, because according to CNN:

    Trump is said to be toying with writing a photo-centric coffee table book about White House hospitality history, or one perhaps centered on the design projects [e.g. a White House tennis pavilion] she has completed while first lady, according to a source in the publishing industry familiar with preliminary discussions.

    It seems we’ll have to wait for the self-reflection. If it ever comes. In the meantime, we’ll have pictures.

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