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Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s sister has a romance adaptation and streaming company called Passionflix.

Jessie Gaynor

November 21, 2022, 11:03am

It’s not hard to be the less-shitty Musk sibling at this point, so I won’t bang the drum too hard for Tosca Musk and her streaming service Passionflix, which adapts romance novels and distributes them via its streaming platform. Still, by comparison, the endeavor does feel almost noble.

Passionflix is now five years old, and according to Musk, has subscribers “in the six figures.” (She “declined to offer specifics,” which seems to be a family trait.) In the very puffy puff piece on CNN, Musk say some standard things about women’s empowerment (“We focus on connection, communication and compromise—and remove the shame from sexuality, specifically for women, because it empowers women to both acknowledge and ask for pleasure”) and skirts questions about her brother, which seems wise.

Overall, I’m delighted that at least one Musk has carved out a niche for herself that doesn’t involve destroying free speech in the name of… free speech, and that might actually financially benefit a few writers along the way. This might be the closest I’ve ever gotten to cheering on a Girl Books, but these are strange times.

[via CNN]

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