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Maybe beloved journal Conjunctions will survive after all?

Jonny Diamond

March 11, 2022, 11:09am

Earlier this week I noted that billion-dollar-Bard College had decided to cut funding to legendary lit journal Conjunctions. Well, that decision apparently caused so much outrage that the ever vibe-conscious Bard is now trying to figure out how to keep the prestigious journal in-house, announcing this morning that:

Bard sincerely regrets both the decision and process that led to it, and extends its apologies to our colleague Bradford Morrow, as well as the journal’s staff and writers, for the disruption it has caused. The College is proud of the role we have played for 30 years in supporting Conjunctions and is working directly with the journal in the hope of repairing our relationship and charting a possible path forward together.

Ooops! (But this is good news. Looking at you Black Mountain Institute.)

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