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    Margaret Atwood tweets support for transgender communities.

    Katie Yee

    July 7, 2020, 11:50am

    Good morning to everyone, but especially to Margaret Atwood, who has enraged transphobic Twitter trolls today with this post.

    Of course, people are citing The Handmaid’s Tale and the oppressive dystopia of Gilead as proof that the writer should be “on the side of women.” But they’re no match for Margaret Atwood, who is fighting the good fight in the comments.

    This is just a few days after J. K. Rowling betrayed the world she created and doubled down on her horrendously transphobic comments. Just yesterday, one reader came to her defense, tweeting out the laughable claim that before J. K. Rowling, women writers were not well known.

    You know who was writing before J. K. Rowling? Margaret Atwood.

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