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    Little Free Libraries for dogs are a (very cute) thing now.

    Eliza Smith

    July 14, 2022, 10:30am

    Well, we still have some nice things—or rather, dogs do.

    While walking through my neighborhood in Missoula recently (a neighborhood that features seven Little Free Libraries for humans, it should be said), I stumbled across a very cute sight: some good Samaritan (by the looks of it, a small one) created a Little Free Library for dogs. But, you know….. with stiks [sic].

    little free dog library

    And while Montanans famously love dogs (and Subarus), it turns out this isn’t the only Little Free Library for doggos. Literary agent Lucy Carson tweeted about another one yesterday (location unknown), and others are chiming in—so far, from Vancouver and Chicago.

    Unfortunately one responder has pointed out that chewing on sticks (and presumably stiks) can lead to accidents, so if you’re thinking of starting your own Little Free Library for Dogs, the tennis ball route seems wisest. Or, you know, a few dog-eared copies of classic literature. It worked for Wishbone.


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