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    Listen to some jazz inspired by Lauren Groff’s Fates and Furies.

    Emily Temple

    July 22, 2019, 10:30am

    Today in Nice Things on the Internet, No Really, They Exist: a piece of music written by Mason Moy for the JMU Jazz Band, named after Lauren Groff’s novel Fates and Furies. The piece, directed by Dave Stringham, is lovely—and I may be biased (as someone personally addicted to Max Richter’s Virginia Woolf-inspired classical album, don’t @ me) but the connection with a great work of literature only improves it.

    “That this exists just makes me happy,” Groff wrote on Twitter. “The art of others moves me to make my work every single day; it feels almost holy, a glimpse of the greater communal purpose of art, to know that my work has inspired another to creation.”

    Listen here:

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