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Lin-Manuel Miranda is not throwing away his shot (to reopen the Drama Book Shop).

Katie Yee

November 12, 2019, 4:44pm

A bookshop that runs independently
Meanwhile, Amazon keeps shittin’ on us endlessly
Essentially, the rent keeps rising relentlessly
Let the tourists come around, go on a spending spree
Stop by, exchange ideas, sip some coffee
There will be a cultural revolution in this city
Enter me, the Drama Book Shop says in parentheses


(SORRY, I could not resist.)

You may remember that earlier this year, the Drama Book Shop announced that it was closing its doors—until Lin-Manuel Miranda, along with a few other Hamilton collaborators, swooped in to rescue it. Well, now we know that Miranda and friends will be reopening the Drama Book Shop this coming spring!

It’s staying in the theatre district (266 West 39th Street is the new address), just a block away from its original home, where two of the new owners—writer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda and director Thomas Kail—wrote In the Heights, the first of many of their wonderful collaborations.

The new space will function as a bookshop, cafe, and workshop/meeting space. Miranda says, “We’re in the business of creating community, and that’s another thing the Drama Book Shop does, and that’s incalculable.”

So, if you’re young, scrappy, and hungry, don’t worry: the Drama Book Shop comes back to us in March!

[h/t New York Times]

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