Katherine Mansfield, a Graphic Interpretation

Zanna Goldhawk Illustrates "The Fly"

September 23, 2015  By Literary Hub

The following graphic interpretation¬†of Katherine Mansfield’s “The Fly,” by Zanna Goldhawk, appears in issue two of Sixpenny Magazine.

IssueTwo_Sixpenny_ARC 42

IssueTwo_Sixpenny_ARC 43


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IssueTwo_Sixpenny_ARC 46

IssueTwo_Sixpenny_ARC 47

IssueTwo_Sixpenny_ARC 48

IssueTwo_Sixpenny_ARC 49

IssueTwo_Sixpenny_ARC 50

IssueTwo_Sixpenny_ARC 51

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  • Alibaba Djinn 3quip

    Read the short story then come back here and you will know that this is a work of art. Really great friggin job my friend. It really strikes a very heavy theme and a sort of feeling in the readers that pitches them to read on. Overall, this was a fine piece of work. Thank you for sharing!

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