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It turns out Drake has very good taste in books.

Katie Yee

March 8, 2022, 12:44pm

Kiki, are you reading? Drake seems to be! Approximately ten hours ago, Drake (@champagnepapi) posted a photo to his Instagram story of what appears to be his TBR pile. What a time to be alive. It’s brought on a lot of questions. First of all, the photo immediately follows a series that seems to be taken at a gathering of some sort. There are bright gold, pink, and blue lights. There’s a woman with an elaborate backless dress. Did Drake perhaps leave the party early to go home and read? (Relatable.) The real views are what’s on his reading list! Has he actually finished any of these books or does he simply enjoy posting #bookstagram-worthy photos? Celebrities—they’re just like us.

These books really run the gamut. Were they perhaps part of a Care Package? From the classic Brave New World to Damon Galgut’s Booker Prize-winning The Promise to Hanya Yanagihara’s very divisive new novel, there’s something for everyone here. Personally, I was pretty stoked to see Rachel Yoder’s Nightbitch and Douglas Stuart’s Young Mungo made the cut. Drake, if you are reading this, can we start a book club?

tbr pile

Also, what’s up with the shoe? I’m choosing to believe it’s because he’s saying: don’t walk—run—to your local bookstore to get these books! (Thank me later.)

(Update: Apparently this delightful book pile comes to the world courtesy of @hardback_hypebeastnot Drake. He was “only in it for the shoe.” That actually makes way more sense. It was too much to ask for Drake to also be an avid reader with impeccable taste. Guess you Can’t Have Everything. You could say it was a Fake Love. Leave it to us to turn Nothings Into Somethings. Get It Together, media!)

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