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    Irvine Welsh and Bret Easton Ellis are creating a satirical tv show about a tabloid magazine.

    Jonny Diamond

    July 21, 2020, 12:45pm

    Do we really need this right now? Fine. I’ll blog, you decide: according to Deadline, Irvine Welsh and Bret Easton Ellis are developing a series about “American tabloid culture” that will “chronicle a weekly publication across decades, a place where political correctness, morals and ethics are left firmly at the door.” The best thing about that description is the way political correctness is, by association, elevated to a societal good.

    The show is called American Tabloid and it is unclear if by tabloid they mean “Bigfoot Fathered My Twins and Then Left Me For a Chupacabra” or “likes to horde immense leverage by purchasing dreadful stories of the powerful and burying them.” Or the NY Post. Whatever it is, all I can imagine is Aaron Sorkin on bathsalts.

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