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    Indie booksellers urge you to resist the siren call of Amazon Prime Day.

    Dan Sheehan

    July 15, 2019, 1:20pm

    In solidarity with the Amazon Strike—in which Amazon warehouse workers in a suburb of Minneapolis are striking to protest their terrible working conditions (unions of Amazon workers in Europe have staged strikes on Prime Days in the past, but the walkout in Minnesota represents the first major action of its kind in the U.S. during the aggressively-marketed, and paradoxically two-day, sales event)—and just because Amazon Prime Day is one of the most odious recent examples of late-stage capitalism in action, booksellers and impassioned book folk across the country have taken to Twitter to urge you to support your local indie bookstores instead of crossing the digital picket line.

    We at Lit Hub wholeheartedly endorse the following tweets:

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