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In California, you can borrow state park passes from your local library.

Jessie Gaynor

April 8, 2022, 11:54am

Because we can never resist adding another line item to the eternal ledger of what we owe libraries: Californians can now use their library cards to get free entry into state parks!

The three-year pilot program will give libraries (including mobile libraries) at least three passes to California state parks, which patrons can borrow for an allotted number of days. The passes will allow entry for one carful of people at participating state parks.

A press release about the program explained the (excellent) reasoning behind it:

By reducing barriers to park access and partnering with entities such as public libraries, the state can help more Californians explore the outdoors and generate positive impacts in the area of health, natural resource stewardship, and historical and cultural connections.

You can check out an interactive map of California’s libraries and participating state parks right here.

This has been your Friday library good news. Go forth and thank a librarian.

[via KTLA]

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