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    I’m desperate to visit this tiny “bookworm cabin” in the woods.


    August 30, 2021, 11:00am

    Here’s another place I wish I were right now: Polish duo Bartlomiej Kraciukand and Marta Puchalska-Kraciuk have designed the “Bookworm cabin,” located in the woods a few dozen miles outside Warsaw, for, yes, bookworms who want to catch up on their reading in a scenic, relaxing spot. The full-length glass windows looking onto the forest keep visitors connected to nature as they read, and the wooden interiors, fireplace and seating keep them cozy.

    The 377-square-foot cabin is compact, but suitable for long-term living: it has a full bathroom, a kitchenette, and a sleeping loft, not to mention shelves for hundreds of books. Said Kraciuk to Yanko Design, “I just loved staring at this landscape—but how long can you do that for? Maybe longer if you are indoors facing a big window, sitting on a comfy chair. Still, how long can you endure this? That’s when the idea to fill it with books came in. That way you can sit, stare, and have a reason for it—the reason being reading a book.” She took the words right out of my mouth!

    [h/t Yanko Design]


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