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If you love books and also love, you can rent this bookstore for a COVID-friendly date night.

Jessie Gaynor

January 28, 2021, 10:42am

Given that we’re all justifiably afraid about the breath of others right now, it’s a weird time to be dating. While the warmer months at least offered the possibility of outdoor meetings, now it’s winter and, like all other things, dating has become an exercise in futility and endless Zoom calls. But if you live in Philadelphia and have $65, there is another option: meet your potential paramour in an empty bookstore.

The Head & The Hand bookstore is offering “curated date nights” in their empty store. The experience is BYOB (and food), but the store provides candles—and, of course, exclusive browsing access. What better way to get to know someone that by judging their taste in books? You’ll also be helping an indie bookstore make some extra money so one day you and your (book-)lover will be able to stroll through the shelves unmasked one day (sigh).

Of course, you’re still inside, so the more COVID risk-averse might prefer to shell out the $65 for 90 minutes alone in a bookstore. Either way, sounds pretty romantic!

[via 6abc]

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