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Here come the sex cult books!

Jonny Diamond

September 17, 2019, 11:26am

People like sex (I’ve been told) and people like (to read about) cults. Which is why two impending sex cult tell-alls could yield seven-figure publishing deals.

The cult in question, Nxivm—which I refuse to even attempt to pronounce—came to national attention a a little over a year ago when Smallville star Allison Mack (pictured above) was accused of recruiting young women to join cult leader Keith Raniere’s Albany-based “self-help group” (the two were charged sex trafficking, forced labor, extortion, and more).

One of the women recruited was India Oxenberg (daughter of actress Catherine, who’s already written about the experience), who’s memoir is being shopped by Foundry Literary + Media. Another account of the cult is being written by the mother of Raniere’s child, an as-yet unnamed woman who escaped to Florida following threats from Nxivm, and who is represented by Eileen Cope at Mark Creative Management.

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