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Here are the 10 best lines from Vulture’s profile of “book-fluencer” Zibby Owens.

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September 17, 2019, 3:31pm

First, can we all agree that it should be “lit-fluencer”? Moving on:

1. “Gertrude Stein had time to read books. But do moms?”

2. “Owens’s dinner will be in a decidedly lower key: a gingham tablecloth, uniformed servers passing out pigs in blankets, Zibby’s kids popping in occasionally to whisper hello to novelists sipping rosé by the gently lapping pool.”

3. “Perhaps not coincidentally, the main building of the NYPL bears the name of her father, billionaire (and Trump whisperer) Stephen A. Schwarzman.”

4. “Zibby can move product.”

5. “At Harvard, she met the ineptly named Andrew Right”

6. “For years, she has been trying to write a memoir called 40 Love that chronicles her second marriage but has been stymied by a divorce agreement that forbids her from discussing her first.”

7. “Kyle [Owens’ husband] had a friend who knew Andre Agassi, and lo, episode two featured an international celebrity very belatedly promoting his 2009 autobiography, Open. ‘After that, it got easier and easier.’”

8. “There isn’t yet an overarching vision, except for the memoir — and the notion of joining the ranks of the authors she admires and promotes.”

9. “Moms is operating at a loss, but Owens says making money was never the point.”

10. “All her dad did was give the New York Public Library $100 million.”

[h/t Vulture]

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