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    Henry Cavill wants to play The Witcher’s Geralt faithfully—or not at all.

    Eliza Smith

    October 31, 2022, 1:18pm

    News dropped over the weekend that Henry Cavill is handing over the role of Geralt to Liam Hemsworth (ugh) after season 3 of The Witcher on Netflix (expected to air next summer). The internet was none too happy about it (same), but might Cavill be the most disappointed of us all? According to Screenrant, the hot nerd may be departing because “the creative team behind The Witcher has clearly showed little respect for the source material” (that is, Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels and the much-loved video games).

    Cavill’s been pretty clear about his feelings all along, saying on The Witcher’s YouTube channel last year, “I’m a huge fan of the books and staying loyal to them, and it’s about making sure that story happens without too much in the way of diversions or side things going on to muddy the waters.”

    Thank Geralt we’ll get one more season with Cavill in the role. What’s next for our book-respecting boy (besides more Superman)? Deadline reports that he’ll be playing James Bond author Ian Fleming in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare, so there’s a silver lining, I guess.

    If you need more cheering up, here are some amusing Witcher bloopers.

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