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Haruki Murakami is going to DJ a special “Stay-Home” radio show for his fellow recluses.

Jonny Diamond

May 12, 2020, 10:40am

Harukami Murakami, who even in the best of times is not a particularly public person, is going to be hosting a special radio show for everyone stuck at home in Japan (which is most of Japan). Murakami is no stranger to the FM dial, and has occasionally taken to the airwaves to play DJ and spin records for his fellow recluses, which now includes everyone on the planet (basically). Murakami’s intent with the show, which will feature his favorite songs, along with listener commentary, is pretty clear: “I’m hoping that the power of music can do a little to blow away some of the corona-related blues that have been piling up.”

The show is happening May 22, 10pm local time across Japan (here’s hoping it will live on as a recording, available to the whole world, so we can all chase away our corona blues…).

(via Indian Express.)

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