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GOOP is getting into publishing.

Dan Sheehan

November 10, 2020, 12:09pm

Hey, you! Yes, you, Big Little Lies tertiary character. You, person who put “Hermès Dreamcatcher” on your wedding registry. You, mostly harmless but debilitatingly-cosseted pigeon. Incinerate your detoxifying Charcoal Body Scrub Towel, peel off your Body Vibes Smart Stickers, melt down your $72 church-scented candle, and cast your jade vagina egg into the ocean.

Why? Because there’s a new Goop wellness product in town and it’s gonna make all of the above look like ludicrously expensive snake oil samples designed and marketed to prey on the hypochondriac tendencies of the wealthy and idle.

It’s called a “book,” and pretty soon Goopians in Equinox cool down rooms all over America are going to be reading them thanks to Rodale Books, an imprint of Random House, which was today announced as the new publishing partner for Goop Press.

With this new publishing partnership, the Goop Press imprint will release a list of two or three new titles per year on “physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational well-being.”

Goop Press has not yet disclosed whether or not these “books” require bodily insertion in order to achieve maximum efficacy, but potential customers can anticipate an aspirational price point of somewhere between $100 and $150 per title.

Nourish the inner aspect, friends.

[h/t Publishers Weekly]

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