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Gillian Flynn and Lena Waithe are getting their own imprints at Zando.

Jonny Diamond

September 21, 2021, 10:57am

As long as there is a thing loosely considered “book publishing” there will be something like the phenomenon of celebrity imprints. It’s impossible to say how hands-on any given famous person is when it comes to what’s published in their name, but I’d like to think that Gillian Flynn and Lena Waithe will be very much in the weeds on their forthcoming collaborations with Zando.

Zando (if you’ve forgotten) is former Crown publisher Molly Stern’s independent publishing venture; said Stern, of working with Waithe and Flynn, who will head their own imprints:

I’m no different from millions of other readers who know what these remarkable creators stand for, respect their unique vision and trust their taste. Lena and Gillian are cultural pioneers who devour and celebrate exciting new literary work and share my desire to support new voices.

With plans to publish 4 to 6 titles a year, Waithe’s imprint, Hillman Grad, will focus on “vibrant, richly imaginative work from underrepresented voices including memoir, literary fiction, and YA,” while Flynn’s eponymous imprint will seek “propulsive, culturally incisive and dynamic work from writers working across genres.”

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