From Insurrection to Inauguration: Photos From the Capitol

Rachel Cobb Documents Two Weeks in Washington

Featured above: As US Capitol police clear the premises of rioters, a sign concedes President-elect Biden won the election, but wants the results overturned. All photos by Rachel Cobb.

capitol riot

January 6, 2021: A group tries to force their way into the east entrance of the Capitol.

capitol insurrection

Rioters use stolen police shields, flag poles, and other implements to break
the windows and doors.

rioters capitol

pepper spray trump supporter

Police spray pepper spray as rioters try to enter the building.
*Ashli Babbit

Ashli E. Babbitt, 35, who was shot as she tried to enter an inner section of the Capitol, is taken to a waiting ambulance. She would later die of her wounds.

cops vs protesters

Police in riot gear finally clear the Capitol grounds.


January 17, 2021: As the hunt for suspects continues, the FBI posts images at bus stops
around Washington, DC.

inauguration security

January 19, 2021: After the violent storming of the US Capitol, more than 25,000 national guard troops are brought to Washington, DC where they establish a secure perimeter for
the Biden-Harris inauguration.

police rioters

January 20, 2021: Bystanders watch the inauguration on a cell phone as riot police line the area.

biden harris

Carol Stewart, from Washington, DC, holds up a sign of Vice-President Kamala Harris outside a boarded-up Teamsters building during the inauguration.

national guard dc

Some of the 25,000 National Guard troops are sent to secure Washington, DC for the Biden-Harris inauguration just two weeks after the Capitol building was violently breached in an attempt to overthrow the election results.

us flag half mast


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Rachel Cobb
Rachel Cobb
Rachel Cobb is a photographer who lives in New York City. She has worked for numerous publications including The New York Times, Time magazine and Rolling Stone magazine. Her award-winning book Mistral: The Legendary Wind of Provence was published by Damiani in 2018. You can find her on the web at @rachelcobbphoto.

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