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    For people who love LIES, here’s a laptop case designed like a book.


    August 25, 2021, 12:53pm

    Here’s some good news for liars, scoundrels and chaos-sowers: accessory company MOSISO has designed a laptop case that resembles a vintage, leather-bound book.

    At only $26.99, this is a perfect product for the KOKOPELLIS and ANANSIS of the world who love DECEIT and MAKING THEIR PEERS QUESTION THEIR REALITY. I know you’re not reading that book sideways, just as I know that hole under my feet is a painting, or I would have fallen down it already. Yes, I’m sure TROMPE L’OEIL FANS will love this AFFORDABLE GASLIGHTING TOOL, which you can use to CONVINCE MALLEABLE MINDS just trying to WORK NEXT TO YOU IN THE COFFEE SHOP that BOOKS ARE 13 INCHES ACROSS and EMIT BLUE LIGHT.

    If you’d like, suggests Southern Living’s promotional copy for the cursed case, when you’re done with using your laptop for the day, you can simply place the book on your bookshelf. Place the book on your bookshelf, where INNOCENT READERS might STUMBLE UPON IT, FLICK IT OPEN, and have their MINDS OBLITERATED by an UNEXPECTED OBJECT which they CAN’T COMPREHEND, like a KLEIN BOTTLE, or the time my ROOMMATES switched my COCONUT WATER with my PROTEIN SHAKE and I just assumed THIS IS HOW THE WORLD IS NOW. Why stop at these tricks and japes? Buy a speaker shaped like a book, or a book-scented perfume, or hide your comic strip behind your copy of Moby Dick. Reality is what you make it.

    [h/t Southern Living]

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