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    For $26K a month you can rent the hideously remodeled London house where Herman Melville once lived!

    Jonny Diamond

    November 1, 2021, 10:35am

    If you like wall-to-wall beige carpeting, recessed lighting, and sprawling, beautiful, half-mad epics of the human soul, do we have the real estate listing for you! Apparently Herman Melville stayed for a for weeks in 1849 at 25 Craven Street, Charing Cross, London (there’s a plaque there, and everything!).

    If you’re interested (lol, why are you reading this blog), the Thames-adjacent, six-floor Georgian is a sprawling 4,400 square feet and is thoroughly charmless (see below).

    This looks like a hastily posted Airbnb listing thrown together by college kids who blew through the semester’s stipend WAY too soon.

    The drapes do not, in fact, match the carpets.

    Not pictured: a fridge full of vodka coolers, takeout boxes, mustard, and one dried-out apple.

    This looks like they raided a senior center in Slough.

    NB: Picture taken during that one sunny weekend last June.