‘First Map’
A Poem by KC Trommer

From Her Collection We Call Them Beautiful

April 12, 2019  By KC Trommer

Stone fences lined the road to the art academy
where the teacher unscrolled the butcher paper

on the floor, told me to lie down. I fanned my fingers
and spread my legs as a boy drew my outline in marker.

The ceiling was so far up, the cement floor cold against my back
and the smell of the room was the smell

of drying acrylic. I stood up from the paper
and my body was an outline inside the sneaker prints

of the boy who had drawn me. The teacher handed me a pen,
said, Now, fill in the rest.


From We Call Them BeautifulUsed with permission of Diode Editions. Copyright © 2019 by KC Trommer.

KC Trommer
KC Trommer
KC Trommer is the author of the debut poetry collection We Call Them Beautiful, which is forthcoming from Diode Editions in 2019. She is the curator of the audio project QUEENSBOUND and the Assistant Director of Communications at NYU Gallatin. She lives in Jackson Heights, Queens with her son.

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