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Ella Emhoff! Burberry! Dimes Square! A bear costume! “Buzzy wordsmiths!” WTF is going on.

Jonny Diamond

June 1, 2022, 11:15am

Spotted in Dimes Square: the Vice-President’s stepdaughter, a high-end fashion brand, and some “buzzy wordsmiths.” Yes, once again a luxury fashion brand (Burberry) has reached down into the primordial ooze of putatively transgressive hipster culture for… what? Substance? Art? Credibility? I don’t really know.

As breathlessly reported in Vogue—who inform us that “Reading is fundamental, and this season it’s also proving to be extremely fashionable”—Burberry has funded a ‘zine (lol) called Softie which:

features campaign photographs by Luisa Opalesky, which find Ella Emhoff walking around the streets of the Big Apple with a Softie bag, lounging on a clear inflatable chair set against cobblestone streets, and conveying a positive, laid-back vibe.

But Softie isn’t just pictures of the Vice-President’s stepdaughter cavorting through Lower Manhattan in a bear costume, it also features writing by

buzzy wordsmiths like Honor Levy, Devan Diaz, Precious Okoyomon, and The Drunken Canal co-founder Claire Banse.

Yup, Burberry, perhaps most famous for its iconic trench coat, uniform to repressed salarymen worldwide, has turned to the house organ of Dimes Square for its risky little dip into youth culture. And for those of you unfamiliar with “Dimes Square” you can read about it over…–actually, just google it.

I wanna say something like, “at least artists are getting paid,” (and I guess that’s true) but this whole thing just seems incredibly fucking stupid.

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