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    Donald Trump’s vanity publishing project is making him a lot of money.

    Jonny Diamond

    February 7, 2022, 11:31am

    Donald Trump’s spray-on fascism is continuing to make him a shit-ton of money. Back in November, the lifelong loser (of elections, of casinos, of dignity) published a coffee table book with a brand new press called Winning Team Publishing, founded by Republican operative Sergio Gor and Donald Trump Jr. Our Journey Together—a deranged nationalist yearbook featuring crackpot, tweet-level rants from Trump interspersed with photographs from his presidency—is the first and only book WTP has ever published.

    Trump’s long con of the hard right-third of this country (who’ve been convinced their perpetual sense of wounded grievance is a political position), continues to be by far his most successful grift to date. The book sells for $75 (signed copies go for $230) and apparently “Trump’s base” will continue to buy whatever he’s selling. Sad.

    Following an initial print run of 200,000, gross sales of the book are at $20 million climbing; as is the case with the rest of publishing, WTP is running into printing delays, and signed copies of the book have started showing up for sale on eBay at grossly inflated prices.

    The only upside of this is the possibility that Trump the Merchandiser will supersede the motivations of Trump the Dictator. After all, why go through all the fuss and hard work of establishing an authoritarian government when you can just make money off the millions who think you might someday do it? Every good grifter knows you never actually deliver on your promises.