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Children who own books more likely to be good readers, reveals obvious study.

Jonny Diamond

December 2, 2019, 10:33am

A UK study (as reported by The Independent) has confirmed something we all kind of know: children who have books “of their own” at home are much more likely to read above the expected level for their age. The UK’s National Literacy Trust—which estimates that 380,000 British kids don’t own a single book—studied 56,000 school children and found huge discrepancies in reading levels between those who owned at least one book, and those who had none.

Of course, one must always consider the broader socio-economic circumstances underlying studies like this one (a book is not going to help when you’re hungry), but it does serve as a reminder of just how important childhood literacy is. So please consider getting involved/donating/helping with any kind of book drive this holiday season. This is not a bad place to start!

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