Castro: A Graphic Novel

Reinhard Kleist

September 29, 2015 
The following is from Reinhard Kleist's graphic novel, Castro, which follows the adventures of a German photo-journal on the trail of a charismatic revolutionary named Fidel Castro. Reinhard Kleist is an acclaimed German graphic novelist, who first visited Cuba in 2008.


fidel castro comiccastroCastro_interior_for Lit.Hub.Aug.19,2015 3Castro_interior_for Lit.Hub.Aug.19,2015 4Castro_interior_for Lit.Hub.Aug.19,2015 5Castro_interior_for Lit.Hub.Aug.19,2015 6Castro_interior_for Lit.Hub.Aug.19,2015 7Castro_interior_for Lit.Hub.Aug.19,2015 8

From CASTRO: A GRAPHIC NOVEL. Used with permission of Aresenal Pulp Press. Copyright © 2015 by Reinhard Kleist.

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