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Can you solve this Whitman-themed crossword puzzle?

Corinne Segal

May 29, 2020, 1:36pm

Whitmaniacs and cruciverbalists, assemble! If both those words made sense to you, then you are definitely the specific kind of nerd for this blog post.

Adrienne Raphel, poet and author of Thinking Inside the Box, created a Whitman-themed crossword puzzle for PBS’ Poetry in America, where she will appear as a guest on tomorrow’s episode celebrating the 200th birthday of Walt Whitman. It’s delightful, with clues including “Making a barbaric sound over the roofs of the world, say,” and others including lesser-known facts about Whitmanfor example, that he briefly lived in New Orleans in 1848.

You can find the puzzle and solution here. For the full episode of Poetry in America, which will focus on Whitman and Leaves of Grass, check your local PBS listings for this weekend; it will also stream on PoetryInAmerica.org and PBS.org starting this Sunday.

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