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Booksellers at Skylight Books have unionized.


May 18, 2021, 1:07pm

Booksellers at Los Angeles’s indie bookstore Skylight Books announced today that they have unionized. The Skylight Bookseller Union will be affiliated with the over-700,000-member Communications Workers of America Union.

Wrote the Skylight Bookseller Union on Instagram, “The booksellers of Skylight Books have unionized! In honor of our beloved coworker Ian Irizarry, who was such a vital part of our Skylight family, we want to express solidarity with all workers and our community. Ian passed away last month and we wish we could share this day with him. Ian is remembered for his endless enthusiasm for Los Angeles, its arts culture and the community that forms around it. This movement we’ve created together is from that same love for bookselling, our coworkers, and this community.”

It’s currently unclear whether Skylight management has officially recognized the union.

[via Publishers Weekly]

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