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    Book-shaped objects are the new books: 25 great gifts for people who love books but not reading.

    Emily Temple

    December 12, 2019, 12:18pm

    Everyone has that one friend who identifies as a “book lover” or a “book person” or simply “bookish.” Well, okay, one might think, but which books do they love? All books? It can’t be. (And yet.) So when the holidays come along, you could always give that person an actual book for the holiday, but considering they love books so much, how could you, a mere bystander, be expected to choose the best one to gift them? Wouldn’t you imagine that any book they wanted they would already have? Maybe you could give them some other kind of gift, a gift that would show them how well you know them and their love for books. But what could it be? Maybe something that’s not a book . . . but that looks like one? Luckily, the internet is filled with everyday objects that are shaped like books, and that you can buy. Here are a few of my favorites—from the actually kind of cool to the patently ridiculous.

    Book-shaped lamp, $200

    Book-shaped purse, $75.50

    Book-shaped 2-person camping tent, $499

    Book-shaped pillow, $48

    Book-shaped egg timer, $9.99

    Book-shaped ring, $95

    Book-shaped desk, $999

    Book-shaped coasters, $20

    Book-shaped rug, $74.94

    Book-shaped plates, $14.95

    Book-shaped salt and pepper shakers, $20

    Book-shaped wine box, $55.57

    Book-shaped vase, $29.99

    Book-shaped soap, $6

    Book-shaped cutting board, $16

    Book-shaped lighter, $55.53

    Book-shaped flash drive, $10.55

    Book-shaped safe, $12.99

    Book-shaped wine flask, $16.95

    Book-shaped wallet, $19.95

    Book-shaped fan, $31.96

    Book-shaped cremation urn, $225

    Book-shaped headstone, $200-$600

    Book-shaped coffin, price varies

    Book-shaped block of wood, $425