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    Big-hearted strangers turn Little Free Libraries into Little Free Pantries.

    Dan Sheehan

    March 18, 2020, 1:26pm

    Are you desperately searching for proof that there is, in fact, still goodness in this crazy, mixed-up, pandemic-cowed world? You are? Well then, might I direct your attention to this Chicago neighborhood street corner?

    Or perhaps you’re curious as to what’s happening in the shade of the elm trees in the sleepy town of Foxboro, MA, this week?

    Yes, fellow house arrestees, all over America good samaritans are taking it upon themselves to help their struggling neighbors by converting little free libraries into little free pantries. Not only do these little free pantries aid those most affected by the financial ramifications of the pandemic shutdown, but they convey a message we could all do with remembering during these distressing, isolated days: you are not alone.

    So if you’re feeling powerless and cut-off from your community in the coming weeks, consider seeking out (or building!) one of these little huts of hope, and filling it with whatever you can spare.

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